About Jared

Jared was in high school when he picked up a camera for the first time and saw the world in a completely different way. Through a lens, he found he could block out all the many distractions and capture unique moments in life in a way that was profound and touching.

Having grown enamored by films in his Mother’s video store, he was captivated by the director’s ability to focus a viewer’s attention on the beauty of the story being told; one picture frame at a time.

It wasn’t until he married Sarah in 2006 that he knew he had to capture their story too. After months of research and with the birth of their first child, he bought the best camera a young family could afford and through those photos began to capture his growing family’s story. It had been a long time since that first camera in high school but when it was back in his hands it was like finding an old friend.

Photography became a new passion as it combined his love of people with an interest in philosophy and life. He soon knew that this was a career he could pursue that would give as much to him as it did to the families whose celebrations he captured. It could be a new child or a wedding, a first prom or a gathering of four generations, but all of them were moments in the story that could now be told portrait by portrait for a lifetime.

What’s your story?

A Veteran and National Guardsmen, Jared can be found around Charlottesville with his family, volunteering at the SPCA or digging through stacks of records to add to his vinyl collection.