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I love making portraits. I love the entire process. The challenge of capturing the “essence” of a person in a single frame is a thrill for me. As much as I love taking photos I equally enjoy restoring photos. There is something extremely satisfying about bringing a damaged photo that most would consider to be past the point of no return back to life. During the many hours I spend in front of my computer screen working on the restoration I feel as if I get to know the subject and the original photographer. Every square inch of the image is analyzed meticulously. Where was their light source? What mood were they trying to convey? Who was this person? What kind of life did they have? These are just a few of the questions I find myself asking. I am not just recreating pixels, but bringing the photo back to life! Allowing others to enjoy the image, hopefully, the way the original photographer intended.

My most recent restoration is of a graduate whom I suspect to be a University of Virginia alumna taken sometime around 1880, judging from the posing and age of the photo. I found this photo in large basket of old photos in Circa, a funky and eclectic antique and furniture store here in Charlottesville, and knew immediately that I had to attempt to restore it. This particular restoration was somewhat challenging as a good bit of the photo, particularly the hand and gown, were missing. I am rather pleased with outcome, however, as I think the portrait still has that “old time” look to it and the restoration is not noticeable unless you have the original to compare it to.


If you have any old photos that are in need of restoration or even need to be digitally preserved give me a call (434)825-9853 or send me an email to

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