Monthly Archives: February 2014


February 15 Portrait

Tired Jared I made one of the biggest mistakes a photographer could make today. I left the house for a portrait without a single memory card. So today you are stuck with a portrait of […]


February 14 Portrait

Maisie I started this project with a portrait of Maisie, but with a face this cute how could I not make another? Send me an email at if you are interested in being a […]


February 13 Portrait

Snow Day We won’t be leaving the house today due to the foot+ of snow we got last night. Good thing our local neighborhood snowman agreed to have his portrait made!   If you are […]


February 11 Portrait

Kat Today I had the pleasure of meeting Kat. She is currently a fourth year french major at UVA. Fun fact: Kat is a ballet instructor and has been dancing since she was three years […]


February 10 Portrait

Matthew Matthew is an amazing musician and I highly recommend that you check out him out, either through his Facebook page or through his Sound cloud. Or why not both? If you are interested in […]


February 9 Portrait

Alex & Aimee Tonight I decided to go out and find a location and then wait for someone to walk by and let me make their portrait. Alex and Aimee were kind enough to help […]


February 8 Portrait

Erin After making Justin and Kyle’s portrait this week it seemed fitting to cap it off with Erin’s.


February 7 Portrait

Kyle Kyle is the son of Erin and Justin. He is one of the happiest babies I have ever met. His smile is contagious. If you are interested in participating in the project send me […]


February 6 Portrait

Justin aka “Abby” Today I had the pleasure of witnessing one of my best friends be promoted to warrant officer! I met Abby in the Marine Corps when we were both Lance Corporals. He has […]


February 5 Portrait

Karla Karla is the Operations Manager for Closure, a title and settlement company in Charlottesville, VA. In our few brief minutes together I could tell that she was a very fun person to be around. […]


February 4 Portrait

Harlan Harlan has been on a Star Wars kick lately. So, after watching Episode V tonight we decided to have a little fun. Meet Young Padawan Harlan. If you are interested in participating in the […]


February 3 Portrait

Cameron I met Cameron at The Local tonight. He is a musician, who plays bass guitar with fellow musician Darrin Bradbury. I knew when I saw him walk through the door that I wanted to […]


February 2 Portrait

Tim Tim is my Cousin, my best friend, and my brother. Sounds complicated, but it’s not that bad. I met Tim in middle school. He was the new kid with long hair; a big hit […]


February 1 Portrait

Maisie I was getting ready to head out to get my portrait for the day and then my daughter put on her hat. If you are interested in participating in the project send me an […]