January 31 Portrait


Andrew is the kind of man most men wish they could be. ¬†Well, I guess I cannot speak for most men, but I do know that I admire him a great deal. If you need an example of what a husband and father are supposed to be like you need look no further than him. He balances the duties of provider, care taker, and lover better than anyone I know. On top of all that Andrew is funny. Not funny in that Will Ferrell-slap-stick kind of way, but funny in that real-life-sarcastic-make-your-wife-embarrassed-you-just-said-that kind of way. That’s what I love about him most; his humor.

Charlottesville Portrait Photographer

If you are interested in participating in the project send me an email at jared@jaredmccomb.com. Be sure to check out the past portraits.

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