Monthly Archives: January 2014


January 31 Portrait

Andrew Andrew is the kind of man most men wish they could be.  Well, I guess I cannot speak for most men, but I do know that I admire him a great deal. If you […]


January 30 Portrait

John I had a great conversation with John about Photography and life. John, like many of us, is searching for something. He has aspirations of pursuing photography. It’s always nice to meet someone who shares […]


January 29 Portrait

Jessica Jessica is the Arts Director at Eunoia. Her creativity never ceases to amaze me. You can find her most days at The Garden, usually dancing or singing, helping artists.   If you are interested […]


January 28 Portrait

Richard Richard works for Abundant Life Ministries in Charlottesville, VA. He has dedicated his life to engaging and mentoring young men from Charlottesville High School through a program called Strive. If you are interested in […]


January 27 Portrait

Rebecca Rebecca is college student who loves to dance. She needed a headshot for her applications to dance programs. I am glad that I was able to help.   If you are interested in participating […]


January 23 Portrait

Army Jared I needed to take a picture of me in my ACUs (Army Combat Uniform) for my OCS (Officer Candidate School) packet today anyways so I figured I would double up and use this […]


January 22 Portrait

Jason Forgot my camera tonight so I had to figure something out with my phone.


January 21 Portrait

Mark Every once in a while you run across someone who you instantly connect with. Mark is one of those people. Perhaps it was our shared love of tattoos and country music? Whatever the reason, […]


January 20 Portrait

John   If you want to participate in the project send me an email at Be sure to check out the past portraits.


January 19 Portrait

Paul I am struggling to find the words to express how much Paul means to me. I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have a Paul in their life. I know if I ever needed […]


January 18 Portrait

Cody If I had to pick one word to describe my brother Cody it would be, JOY. He is one of the most kindest and gentile-hearted persons you will ever meet. His smile is infectious. […]


January 17 Portrait

Greg Greg was in a hurry so we didn’t have time to chat, but he did spare enough of his time for me to photograph him. I am amazed at the willingness of people to […]


January 16 Portrait

Erik Erik is like a walking encyclopedia of music. Name a song and chances are he can play it. Here is a quick shot of Erik playing at The Garden on their Thursday night Open […]


January 15 Portrait

Barbara You know what they say, “behind every great man there stands a great woman.” This is definitely the case when it comes to my Grandparents. My Grandmother is a great woman. Sure, she may […]


January 14

Gerald Most people had heroes they looked up to when they were children; mine was my grandfather. I could not have asked for a better role model. He has taught me so much about what […]


January 13

Jared I went to see Lone Survivor tonight with a friend. It brought up some old feelings. That’s all I have to say about that.   Send me an email at if you are […]


January 12

Roy I first met Roy right around his 2nd birthday. I had flown home from Marine Corps Combat Training after boot camp and was greeted at the airport by Mom with a new brother. I […]


January 11

Here’s Looking at You Kid Another day of being sick. To avoid passing this on to others I decided to stay in one more day. This portrait is simple. Sometimes simple is good. So I […]


January 10

Rocket Hopefully this is the last day that I am cooped up inside the house. Seeing as how Rocket was the only member of our family that had not made an appearance yet I figured […]


January 9

Sarah Today was certainly better than yesterday, but still not great. The one good thing about being stuck at home sick was that I was able to take a picture of my beautiful wife.  Not […]


January 8

Jared Today I was sick. I only got out of bed twice, and that was to move to the couch.  I wasn’t going to post anything. This is the best I could do. I really […]


January 7

Daniel I first meet Daniel through Eunoia, a collegiate ministry at UVa, as a student. I spent most of my downtime between classes hanging out at The Garden, where Daniel works serving students. I distinctly remember our […]


January 6

Evan This is Evan. He is one of the most energetic and talented people I know. Evan is one of those guys that does just about everything well. He is an excellent husband and father, […]


January 5

Harlan Here he is child #1, Harlan. If I had to describe Harlan in two words they would be, comedic and energy. For those of you who know him you know this to be true. […]


January 4

Sheldon Today I spent most of my day at home nursing child #1 back to health while my wife, Sarah, took child #2 to her family’s Christmas party in Richmond. Needless to say, I wasn’t […]


January 3

Keith Today I meet Keith. Keith is homeless, but as he informed me he chooses to be. Originally from Florida, Keith found his way to Charlottesville, VA about 4 1/2 years ago to be near […]


January 2

I am overwhelmed at the amount of interest and feedback I have already received about this project, and it is only day 2! Your continued support will be greatly needed in the coming weeks and […]


January 1

So it begins. One year of daily portraits. For the next 365 days I will shoot, edit, and post a  single portrait. I have been wanting to do this for several years, but it seemed […]